Sweet Tapioca Patties / Cassava patties / Maravalli Kizhangu Inippu adai !!!

Today, I wanna introduce a new recipe from my kitchen trials !!! this is the recipe I learned from my neighborhood. It’s really a delicious & healthy evening snack recipe for kids. In India, the term “tapioca-root” is used to represent the root of the plant (cassava), rather than the starch. In some other region, it is much used in puddings and as a thickening for soups. Tapioca is a staple food in southern part of India. Mostly the tapioca root was boiled, used for preparing snacks like both savory & sweet, and also used for curries of both vegan & non – vegetarian. It is a gluten-free food.

IMG_7231 IMG_7201


Tapioca – 1no. Grated fresh (1 cup)
Cardamom powder – a pinch
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Dry Coconut flakes – ¼ cup (unsweetened)
Salt – dash
Ghee / clarified butter – 1 tsp (for pan fry)

IMG_7247 IMG_7180 IMG_7189 IMG_7183 IMG_7185 IMG_7186 IMG_7188 IMG_7190

  • First mix all the ingredients tapioca, sugar, coconut flakes & salt.
  • Keep a non stick pan on low flame, add ghee.
  • Now take some portion of mixture, make into balls, press into flat using hand / flat patties & fry it on low flame for 4 minutes from each side.
  • Serve it hot with any fruits.



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  1. Poojitha says:

    your blog looks yummy ! so tamilian !

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