Avial / Coconut Flavored Mixed Vegetable Stew – Easy & Simple !!!!!

Avial is a dish that is common in Tamil cuisine, Udupi cuisine & Kerala. It is very popular in Kerala & Tamilnadu. It is a thick mixture of vegetables and coconut, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. Avial is considered an essential part of the Sadya, the Keralite vegetarian feast. The word “avial” is…

Pistachio Stuffed Bread Gulab Jamun !!

Ramazan / Ramadan Special Gulab Jamun, it is milk solids based dessert, similar to dumpling, soaked in sugar syrup with the essence of rose water. It is a popular dessert, that always in do list in every wedding & feast in India. Bread gulab jamun is one of the easy & less time consuming recipe….