Rice Vathal / Rice Crisp / Rice Fryums !!

Rice vathal is my favorite snack & side dish. In India, when summer gets start everyone busy to prepare rice vathal in home, share it with their neighbors & friends. It can store for more than a month. I made this rice vathal with leftover rice. It is best side dish with all varieties of rice. Sprinkle some chat masala on it & have it for snack. Best snack with guacamole.

Rv1 rc2 Rc4 rv3


Leftover cooked rice – 1 cup (soaked in water)

Green chilies – 3 nos.

Ginger – small size

Cumin / jeera – 2 tsp

Salt as required


IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5333 IMG_5335 IMG_5337 IMG_5434

Making Vathal;

Remove the soaked water in leftover rice.

Add the rice, green chilies, ginger in the blender & grind it into smooth paste (don’t add water).

Now add jeera, salt & mix well.

Pour the mixture in the clean plastic sheet by using spoon & direct sun dry for one day.

Once it get dried, peel it & stored in air tight container.

IMG_5464 IMG_5465

Frying Vathal;

Keep the oil on medium flame, deep fry rice vathal & remove the excess oil using paper towel.

Serve & enjoy it !!


If didn’t get enough sunlight, keep it on room temperature for 2 – 3 days.

Once it get dried, it is easy to peel.

If don’t want to deep fry, microwave for 30 – 60 minutes & enjoy it.

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  1. Malar says:

    Preethi, All south Indian dishes you rock to the core!!! I really admire you 🙂

    1. Thank you malar.. Am so happy to get credit from great bloggers like you !!

  2. One of my favourite occupations in summer! Making vadiyalu of different types. 😀

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