South Indian- #Lunch Menu 1 (Easy & Simple)

In Indian cuisine, traditionally lunch is consist of several – course meal. This is my first post on lunch menu, it is really helpful people like me, because whenever planning for the lunch I get confused. In tamil cuisine, every single items has its own flavor & taste. The main principle in planning the menu is, should be good nutritious, satiety to our mind, soul & stomach. Here is the simple & easy south Indian meal / lunch (Tamil Cuisine).

Pure vegetarian lunch menu from South Indian Cuisine;

LM1 copy LM2


Here is the recipes link below;


Radish Sambar

Bitter Melon Masala

Carrot & Beans Poriyal

Rice pappad / vathal

Spinach masal vada / palak keerai masala vadai

Curd / homemade thair

Lemon Pickle


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  1. Fantastic lunch menu! šŸ™‚

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