South Indian – #Lunch Menu 2

LM4 copy

Another perfect lunch menu idea in South Indian Style (Tamil cuisine). Last saturday I prepared this menu, it is really easy & simple to cook within an hour. I usually cook rice in rice cooker, so it is easy for me to prepare side dish & poriyal.


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  1. Yum that looks heavenly! I want some now!

  2. Love this yummy looking thali. …

  3. Charanya says:

    You made all of these in an hour? You’re a legend ❤

    1. ya Charanya, it is really simple menu…you too can do..

      1. Charanya says:

        Me??? It takes 3 hours for me to make a sambar 😛

      2. Is it Chanranya? R u kidding me?

      3. Charanya says:

        No honestly. If I start cooking at 8am to whisk a platter like yours, it’d be ready at 2pm. I am still learning. Recently, Mum got me a pressure cooker (i was so scared to use it -now i’m better) to speed things up.

      4. K Charanya but I can’t believe, your blog looks awesome..don’t get scare it really easy when u get practice.. Happy cooking..

      5. Charanya says:

        Lol. I do it so slow and perfect it turns out well. Thanks for the encouragement ❤ ❤

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